VIP Survey Design + Analysis

While reading through my other services you were probably thinking:


Ok. I’d get my strategy, I’d get my survey, and I’d get my survey responses...


But then what?


You imagined having rows and rows of responses and having no clue what to do with them.


Sure you can learn how to…

>> Export the data

>> Ready the data for analysis

>> Use Excel formulas, Pivot Tables, Pivot Charts, etc.

>> Condense the survey data into a fantastical report


But who has the time?


VIP Survey Design + Creation was created so that you could tell me everything you want from your survey and then sit back and relax while the work gets done.

Like a boss.


Once you and I are on the same page about your survey strategy, I take it from there.


This means I’ll:

>> Create your survey

>> Launch the survey on your preferred survey platform

>> Export the data according to your project schedule

>> Clean the data

>> Analyze the data according to your project goals

>> Provide a detailed, easy-to-read report on the survey findings


VIP Survey Design + Creation also includes:

>> 2 strategy sessions

>> Ongoing email contact with me

>> A 3-point review of your survey

>> A 2-point review of your report


I do everything I can to make this a truly VIP experience.


Investment starts at $2,999


availability is extremely limited, so let's get you on the books!


Have questions? Check out some FAQs.