Get Tiny Solutions to Big Problems

Have you been doing things out of order?

Imagine your business is a house.

If you were to build a brand spanking new house, what would you do first?

Why, you'd create a blueprint, of course.

You'd map out where each room will go, how large each room is, and how each room connects to others.

And next?

You'd clear out the land you selected and pour on the foundation.

Then (and only then) do you start constructing how everything will look and feel.

Let's go back to your business.

Raise your hand if, when you started your business:

You spent a huge amount of time trying to make your logo perfect.

Maybe you paid a lot of money to have a perfect website.

Or started sharing picture-perfect posts on Instagram.

Your logo, website, and social media give your business a look & feel.

They should be the last thing you construct.

Because, without a blueprint and without a solid foundation - the look & feel of your business can come crumbling down around you.

Here at CDatubo Consulting we've designed a step-by-step path that starts at the beginning and ends with you having a stable and successful business.


Follow the path below...



1. Retrain Your Mind

cdatubo_7 mindset shifts for online ceos download


These are the 7 things I've noticed my most overwhelmed and frustrated clients struggle with.

Once they make these 7 mindset shifts (not 1 or 2, but ALL 7) they were able to grow (or finally start!) their business.

I know you'll find it helpful - print it out and post it where you'll see it every day.


2. Plan for Success


The Profitable Model Course + Live Experience will show you how to:

  • Formulate a quick-start business plan for ANY business using 6 key elements
  • Run your business with confidence + clarity
  • Use each key element to add value to your business.


3. Boost Your Success


No one who ever made it big did it alone. Get the 1-on-1 help that will jumpstart your results.

  • Start thinking, feeling, and acting more like a CEO
  • Discover just how valuable and needed your business is
  • Discover the bottlenecks that are stunting your business growth
  • Dig out any hidden potential you and your business have by learning news ways to package and sell your ideas
  • Get a custom, step-by-step guide to the strategies that will help your business grow
  • Feel MUCH more confident about continuing your journey as an entrepreneur



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Dive into our selection of digital products that will help you develop your business, gain valuable insight, and grow as a CEO.