But how do people make this online business thing work?
I know that’s what you’re asking.
I know because I asked the same question.
I was you.
With the 57 tabs open.
And a 15 half-finished ideas.
And 3 hours of sleep.
And the 37 things to do before bedtime that’s (oh crap!) only an hour away.
There’s just too much too do.
You have blog posts to write, SEO to learn, Instagram posts to create, videos to (think about) filming, marketing emails to send, all so maaaybe you get one new sale today. Maybe.
You’re getting dangerously close to burning out and giving up on the dream of owning a business.
And I know why.

Your Business Model is Broken.

What’s a business model anyway? 

According to Harvard Business Review, a business model is simply knowing how your business will make money and how you’re going to deliver value.

Here’s a quick test to see if your business model is broken…

✔️ You’re posting randomly on 3+ social media channels because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do
✔️ The people that follow you on those channels aren’t visiting your website or buying your thing
✔️ You always find yourself scrambling last minute to write your next piece of content
✔️ You might be making money now but you don’t know whether you’ll be making money 3 months from now
✔️ You’re overworked, stressed out, and confused because nothing your doing is growing your business
If you answered yes to any or all of these, I have the solution for you.

This course will walk you through the quickest, most comprehensive framework to planning where your money could be coming from and where you need to spend your time and energy so you can actually MAKE that money. 

It’ll get you from…

cdatubo_the profitable model (after)

And that’s not all.

The Profitable Model course will also show you how to:

Formulate a quick-start business plan for ANY business using 6 key elements
Run your business with confidence and clarity
Use all 6 key elements to add value to your business

And, by the end of the course, you’ll have all the moving pieces of your business laid out on one page in a way that makes complete sense.

You’ll end the course thinking more like a CEO with a plan for how to:

✔️ Get more buyers on your email list (and not just followers on social media)
✔️ Grow your business (and stop watching your ideas grow stale in some Google Drive folder)
✔️ Increase your profits (and get rid of that stomach-wrenching “will I be able to pay the bills next month?” feeling)

"Now we're able to execute more confidently…"

caret-down caret-up caret-left caret-right

Oh my goodness! Where would we be without Christiana? We honestly don’t even want to think about it. We just know how far our business has grown just from her influence over the past year. Christiana is definitely the business coach you want guiding you along the way.

From the beginning, Christiana bought into what we are about and has been in the trenches with us. She has really helped us get out of our heads by being a great sounding board to flush out ideas. She has helped us start executing with purpose by providing succinct, solid and pertinent action steps with gentle accountability.

She even took the time to help us develop a fee-based product (our first online course), which was one of our biggest accomplishments to-date. We have also fine-tuned our web and social media sites with her help. The resources she provides are beyond measure. Now we are able to execute more confidently without her input because she has shown us how to piece together things and run a business.

Jason & Tiffany Alexander www.thewalletcoach.com

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Live audit of your Profitable Model. No guessing if you’re on the right track! Worth $297 (60 min)

Live Coworking + Consulting

Troubleshoot issues you’ve run into and work with your cohort to solve your business building woes. Designed to help you  EXECUTE on everything you’ve learned worth $250

A Community of Executors

Get an exclusive invite to a 4-week pop-up online community complete with weekly prompts and daily input from Christiana. This course won’t be another you let collect dust on your digital shelves worth ($699)

1-on-1 Attention

Each launch only accepts a small number of people – that way you’re guaranteed to get personal attention on your business model and on your specific business problems.

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Live Experience not available? Because each group will be small, I won’t always launch the live version to the public. First spots go to those on the priority list, then the email list, and THEN the public. Enroll in the Home Study below to join the priority list today and never worry about missing out!

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You’ve been drowning in overwhelm and confusion. Let’s put an end to that TODAY!

Enroll in The Profitable Model and become the CEO your dream business deserves.

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