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"How to translate any skill, hobby, or experience into a paid service in just 5 steps."

Hosted by Christiana Datubo-Brown

Follow these steps to get the MOST out of the Live Masterclass:
1.  Watch on a desktop or laptop (NOT a phone). Your phone screen won’t allow for the best experience or allow you to take part in the chat.
2.  Grab your workbook—prompts and notes to help you get the absolute most from the class.
3.  Set aside at least 90 minutes for the class and block off your calendar so you don’t have any distractions. Make sure to close all of your other applications when we’re live.
4.  Take notes throughout the class and post them on social media after tagging @cdatubo for a chance to have your post shared!
5.  Engage on the class LIVE! There won’t be any replays. The more you engage, the more you’ll get out of the class. 
6.  Forward this to a friend so they can register, too! You probably know at least one person who wants to sell services. Start this journey together!

Mark your calendar

Copy + Save your workbook

You’ll want this to follow along the Masterclass

Keep an eye out for an email with the meeting link!