Vannetta Bailey-Iddrisu, Ed.D., Life Coach to Women in Transition

CDatubo Client Vannetta Bailey-Iddrisu

The obstacle that has prevented my from booking more sessions with Christiana is simply time. I’m a teacher and I have time constraints since I am at a new school district, new school and more mandated training. I’m simply overbooked by my job right now.

I can honestly say that the limited time I have been able to meet with her and communicate with her via email has been most valuable. We discussed coming up with a plan of the top three things I needed to do now to get my business going and I did.  I am happy to report that I have completed two of them and am working on # 3.

I will probably try to book more time with her soon, so that we can discuss my progress and my next steps. Although, we haven’t met since this summer, I certainly feel confident in Christiana’s guidance and know that she are just an email away.

What I liked specifically about meeting with her is that she showed me how to get started. I was all over the place and didn’t know where to begin.Christiana gave me a great sense of direction by simply having me break my goal into steps knowing that each small step is a step toward my large goal.

The other benefits of working with her are a) she is a great listener; b) she asks powerful questions which helped me get centered on what I wanted to do and c) she is accessible. I can email her or call if I have a problem, I don’t feel that I am alone in this venture.

Yes, I would recommend Christiana. I think she is personable, a great listener and capable of helping people reach their goals.