Rasheedah Abdul-Hakeem, ESL Expert and Teacher Trainer

I didn’t hesitate to book Christiana.   I found as I found as a result of working with Christiana that I was doing too much – that I needed to narrow my focus. Christiana was the mirror that I needed to take a close look at myself and see what was wrong.   I really enjoyed the lens that she provided. In addition, her expertise was impressive. She was able to instantly answer any question/problem that I posed. I am really looking forward to implementing the suggestions that she provided me in our last meeting.   Christiana is dedicated, prompt, and professional. She attends the session on time and is always anxious to help. A day prior to the session, she sends out an email to see what concern I have so that she can have an idea in advance and prepare for our session.   I would definitely recommend Christiana to anyone seeking advice on starting or running a business. She is a true expert, full of useful ideas that will propel any business.