You’re here because you feel like your online business is going nowhere fast. It’s stuck in the same place, gobbling up buckets of money, and you’re SO close to giving it all up.

Is there any hope?

I’ve seen entrepreneurs struggle with this constantly.

You have a huge heart for service so you started a business and poured your soul into it.

You started because you wanted to live your best life while living out your purpose.

Instead you feel like the business is sucking the life out of you.

Because, let's get real, doing the work to grow your online business is EXHAUSTING.

It's like it the never-ending to-do list!

If you aren't giving your all on a client call, you're doing client research. Or replying to emails. Or creating content. Or trying to figure if you should put up Facebook Ads. Or... and on and on (and on and on) it goes.

Until, one day, you started hearing a tiny voice in the back of your head.

It was just a whisper, but you could hear it clear as day:

Is all of this worth it?

Is it worth the missed birthday parties and drinks with the girls?

Is it worth the lack of sleep? The lean months? The infuriating tech problems?

So. Is there any hope?

I'd like to show you that there is hope.

Trust me - I've been where you are right now.

I've fallen into the deepest level of burn out. Just thinking about it still makes me cringe.

I crashed and burned so hard, I had to leave an entire career behind.

But with a lot of prayer, support, hard work, and time, I clawed my way back to happy.

It wasn't until I'd pieced my mind back together and started feeling hopeful again that I realized two things:

1. There are too many of us living under someone else's rules

2. I can use everything I've learned to give you the freedom to be independently fabulous

I’ll give you the tools you need to develop the mindset of a successful CEO. So that you can select the right strategies for your business (and ignore everything else).

Here's how it works:

  1. I'll show you how to make small but mighty mindset shifts to prepare yourself to win
  2. I'll walk you through, step-by-step, how to restructure your business model for increased profits
  3. Then, we'll put the right strategies for your business in place

No, this isn’t just more content to consume.


I’ve designed everything here at CDatubo Consulting to help you stop waiting for change and start EXECUTING your way to a more profitable and fulfilling business.

No, I’m not offering you a silver bullet or magic pixie dust that will erase all your sorrows.



What I’m offering you is a choice - you can keep doing the same things you’re doing now or you can start believing that things can change, that you were meant to do this, and that you're using strategies that will actually work.

christiana datubo-brown

Grow your business at your pace with someone who understands and will be there every step of the way.

That someone is me.

My name is Christiana and I'm your Executive Consultant.

I started CDatubo Consulting to help create more CEOs and fewer overwhelmed + overworked entrepreneurs.

Think of me as your partner in crime. I know what it takes to provide great service in private practice, online, and in the classroom. I also know the sacrifices you sometimes make to be the best at what you do. And I know the fears that come along for the ride.

I've been helping business owners like you build better and more fulfilling businesses for about 3 years now. But that's only a tiny part of the story. Learn more...

"Thank you for being here. Your presence tells me that there’s a part of you that believes your worthy of success. And I appreciate that so much. Because the world needs more people like you out there winning. I hope you choose CDatubo Consulting to help you do that. "

-Christiana Datubo-Brown, M.S.



what clients have to say

The only obstacle to booking Christiana was scheduling time. I went to see someone else and waited a few weeks to see her.  I just took those weeks to be as ready as I possibly could be to have productive meeting.

After meeting with Christiana I had more focus… she was able to help me monetize my business idea as quickly as possible. I also liked the examples she gave…and how she asked the right questions to draw out main points so that I’m able to present my offers in the best light.

She is knowledgeable, friendly, and engaged in helping me to reach my goal. And this gives me energy to put in the necessary work…Christiana sparks the feeling of accountability and I am recommending her to my son.

Her knowledge and skill to assess the client’s need and then assist in executing a plan of success is awesome. Keep shining your light, Christiana!!! Sowing a seed in the lives of others means a glorious harvest is coming to you… be on the look out… it’s bigger than you can imagine…

CDatubo Client Judy McCleod
Judy McLeod, Financial Coach

The obstacle that has prevented my from booking more sessions with Christiana is simply time. I’m a teacher and I have time constraints since I am at a new school district, new school and more mandated training. I’m simply overbooked by my job right now.

I can honestly say that the limited time I have been able to meet with her and communicate with her via email has been most valuable. We discussed coming up with a plan of the top three things I needed to do now to get my business going and I did.  I am happy to report that I have completed two of them and am working on # 3.

I will probably try to book more time with her soon, so that we can discuss my progress and my next steps. Although, we haven’t met since this summer, I certainly feel confident in Christiana’s guidance and know that she are just an email away.

What I liked specifically about meeting with her is that she showed me how to get started. I was all over the place and didn’t know where to begin.Christiana gave me a great sense of direction by simply having me break my goal into steps knowing that each small step is a step toward my large goal.

The other benefits of working with her are a) she is a great listener; b) she asks powerful questions which helped me get centered on what I wanted to do and c) she is accessible. I can email her or call if I have a problem, I don’t feel that I am alone in this venture.

Yes, I would recommend Christiana. I think she is personable, a great listener and capable of helping people reach their goals.

CDatubo Client Vannetta Bailey-Iddrisu
Vannetta Bailey-Iddrisu, Ed.D., Life Coach to Women in Transition

I didn’t hesitate to book Christiana.   I found as I found as a result of working with Christiana that I was doing too much – that I needed to narrow my focus. Christiana was the mirror that I needed to take a close look at myself and see what was wrong.   I really enjoyed the lens that she provided. In addition, her expertise was impressive. She was able to instantly answer any question/problem that I posed. I am really looking forward to implementing the suggestions that she provided me in our last meeting.   Christiana is dedicated, prompt, and professional. She attends the session on time and is always anxious to help. A day prior to the session, she sends out an email to see what concern I have so that she can have an idea in advance and prepare for our session.   I would definitely recommend Christiana to anyone seeking advice on starting or running a business. She is a true expert, full of useful ideas that will propel any business.

Rasheedah Abdul-Hakeem, ESL Expert and Teacher Trainer

My biggest obstacle was finding the right fit as a consultant.  This person had to be open to hearing my struggles and fears without some canned response.  I wanted a female consultant.  A requirement was that I get “a feeling”, a bonding, from the start.  Very hard to find these qualities until I met Christiana.

Christiana articulated clear, concise steps to move forward.  She confirmed that my business idea was a valid one, a question that has plagued me since the birth of the business idea.  She presented ways to promote my business that I never would have thought of on my own.

I enjoy the one-on-one encouraging environment she provides.  Once you leave the consultation, you feel as though you can conquer the issues that worried you the most.

Christiana continues to give ideas to propel you forward once you have implemented the last one she presented to you.  She is always thinking ahead.

She has an easy-going but confident personality; it therefore makes you feel confident after every meeting or phone call with her.
She provides endless ideas that keep you moving in the right direction.

I would recommend Christiana to anyone who feels apprehensive about starting their own business.  I think I would still be floundering if I hadn’t met her.  She will relate the strong points of your business and give you solid steps to cross the initial hurdles.  I always leave feeling that I have found someone who is truly invested in the success of my business.  When I feel stuck she pushes me beyond what I thought I could or ever wanted to do.

You will be so motivated after consulting with Christiana.  I am thankful every day to have found her; my progress with my business wouldn’t be where it is today without her guidance.

Janie Hesseltine, Style Consultant

Christiana was easy to work with and we appreciated her collaborative approach to designing and completing the program evaluation for our organization. We also appreciated her flexibility in making adjustments to the protocol as necessary. All work was completed in a timely manner and Christiana met every deadline as required. The results of her evaluation provided valuable data for improving the quality of our current programs and planning for future programming. We recommend Christiana highly!

Jamie Sailors, Ph.D.

Christiana is an all around amazing person who really cares about everything that she does. She is a very relaxed and handles every situation I have seen her in very well and with ease. I would recommend her to anyone I know for anything, because if she does not know something, she will find out and exceed your expectations.

Ashleigh Nicole Wilcox