Why should I care about using surveys?

Surveys are the unsung heroes of every successful business.

They’re that employee everyone counts on but nobody recognizes.

There are no awards for Best Survey of the Year or The Survey That Gave Us ALL The Answers.

Instead, they’re put to work every day quietly working behind the scenes. And collecting rich data that translates into business success.

If you’ve ever wondered “what’s next?”

If you’ve ever worried that your online course/services/products weren’t good enough.

If you’ve ever stayed at awake at night wondering if anyone will buy what you want to sell.

Employ a survey. They’ll do all the work for you. They’ll get you great answers. They’ll work long hours.

And they won’t complain about any of it.


What are 3-point and 2-point reviews?

Here’s an example of a 3-point review:

I send you a draft (1st point) → you review it → I send you an updated draft (2nd point) → you review it → I send you another updated draft (3rd point) → you review it → I send you the final product.


What if I’m not happy about my purchase?

I stand by my work and have set up guarantees (see the guarantees section below)


Do you promote the surveys you help create?

Nope. I stick to what I know - surveys. The rest is up to you. I can, however, give you tips on how to promote your surveys - these are strategies I successfully use myself.


How does payment work?

You’ll pay up front for the strategy sessions and critiques. The work for Survey Design and VIP Survey Design + Analysis is secured when you pay a 50% nonrefundable deposit (that’s why we talk first to make sure we’re a good fit). Then the rest of the fee is paid out on a schedule that we’ll discuss during our initial call.


Can I learn how to DIY my own surveys?

You sure can! I will continue to provide tons of free content through this site and some exclusively through email. If there’s something you’d like me to write about, send me a note and I’ll do my best to accommodate.


Can I book you for a speaking engagement or in-person workshop?

Yup.  I used to be a university instructor and I miss it! Just tell me what you need and we’ll discuss the details.

Some topics I’m happy to cover:

> The need for surveys in online entrepreneurship

> Crafting surveys that convert

> How surveys can measure brand loyalty/customer satisfaction/customer service success/just about anything

> How to use surveys to 10x your business



While I can’t guarantee that everyone will have the same results, I can guarantee that my process works. I’m so confident in this process that I offer guarantees to you for each service.


Strategy Session: You have 30 days from the day of our call to work on your action steps. If you can show me that you’ve implemented the steps and still didn’t see any results, you get your money back.


Survey Critiques: If you can show me within 30 days of receiving your edits that my input did nothing to: improve your survey design and increase the usability of the responses (or data) you received, you’ll get your money back


Survey Design + Analysis: each project is paid for in installments. And each installment is due at predetermined points in the process. If you let me know at least 3 days before the next installment is due that you no longer want to work with me, we’ll go our separate ways. No harm, no foul.