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This tiny tweak to your client experience will reduce buyers’ remorse and cut down on refunds.

    Call on me to get custom insights, strategies, and solutions for making your customers happy.

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    Leverage Your Skills free webinar with Christiana Datubo-Brown

    You'll leave the LCX Clinic with:

    You, me, and up to 3 members of your team will spend half a day (with scheduled breaks) mapping out the client or customer experience for your next launch or revamping the client or customer experience you already have.

    We'll optimize and streamline every phase of the customer experience.

    1. Invite Phase

    How will you attract the right people to purchase from you?

    2. Welcome Phase

    How will you set the tone and expectations for the entire experience?

    3. Delivery Phase

    How will do the work, show that you're true to your word, and blow people's minds?

    4. Feedback Phase

    How will you learn what's working and what isn't?

    5. Bonus Phase

    How will you delight with thoughtful surprises?

    6. Follow-Up Phase

    How will you wrap up the experience and invite people back?

    This includes...

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