Building a Path Model

The Challenge: People are complicated. As is data analysis because when you’re studying people who live complicated lives, there’s usually more than an A ⇒ B relationship to consider. The Solution: Here, I look at how one aspect of a person’s personality (impulsiveness) simultaneously affects how they shop, what they use to shop, and what kinds of […]

Testing the differences between then & now

The Challenge: To provide statistical evidence for whether those who received an intervention increased in their healthy eating behaviors. And compare the results to those who did not receive the intervention. The Solution: Some people are happy with looking to see whether their averages increased (or decreased) over time. Here I provide statistical , easy-to-read […]

Survey Design

The Challenge: To create a survey that will capture the information you need from your target population. The Solution: Every survey is different because I tailor the questions and design based on best practices and based on what YOU want to know. I offer both paper and online (Google Forms, Survey Monkey, Typeform, etc.) survey development.

Power Study (Calculating Sample Size)

The Challenge: There are times when you’ll need weigh costs or practicality with desired results. We would all like to survey our entire target audience, but that’s not doable for us regular folks. The Solution: Enter power studies. Power studies are great for when you’re in the beginning stages of your project. With a power […]

Segmenting the Target Audience

The Challenge: These clients wanted to know whether those who were exposed to their campaign (promoting healthy behaviors) actually did try or want to be healthier (in this case, healthier means more physical activity). The Solution: I took it one step further and compared whether they were saw the campaign to their interest in being […]