I won't be your cheerleader, but I will share the challenge of delivering excellently.

Want simple, yet effective step-by-step strategies for adding personal touches, amazing customer service, and premium services in your business?

Feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, and scared because pressure to succeed is like a 10,000 pound weight on their shoulders?

Well, I’m glad you’re here.

Because you value:

  • Leading with integrity
  • Serving your community
  • Being exceptional

And we do too. 

CDatubo Consulting will help you discover how to authentically and ethically increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. That way your legacy remains intact.

Jason & Tiffany Alexander

"Oh my goodness! Where would we be without Christiana? We honestly don’t even want to think about it. We just know how far our business has grown just from her influence over the past year. Christiana is definitely the business coach you want guiding you along the way.”

Janie Hesseltine

"Once you leave the consultation, you feel as though you can conquer the issues that worried you the most. Christiana continues to give ideas to propel you forward once you have implemented the last one she presented to you.  She is always thinking ahead.”

Jamie Sailors, Ph.D.

"Christiana was easy to work with and we appreciated her collaborative approach to designing and completing the program evaluation for our organization. We also appreciated her flexibility in making adjustments to the protocol as necessary. The results of her evaluation provided valuable data for improving the quality of our current programs and planning for future programming. We recommend Christiana highly!”

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We are a Black woman-owned company. Despite our focus on serving historically underserved segments of the business community (women, in general, and Black women, specifically), we value diversity and inclusivity. Above all, we value respect.

We reserve the right to opt out ✌🏾 of working with any individual or any organization that spews hateful rhetoric about or takes spiteful action against any group of people.

Christiana Datubo-Brown, M.S.

As a Nigerian immigrant I learned how one plane ride could change everything. 

As a therapist, I learned how one person could transform lives. 

As an educator, I learned how knowledge could change hearts and minds. 

And as a consultant, I learned how the right questions create meaningful change. 

I help influencers and influential companies of all sizes deepen their impact and boost their revenue one luxury experience at a time.