Design an unforgettable customer and client experience

How can you be sure you and your team are delivering exceptional service that meets your standards? Start by creating a Luxury Client Experience. 

A Luxury Client Experience is the difference between a 10-course meal and McDelivery. 

I've created a simple framework that will show you how to elevate or refine all 6 phases of your customer or client experience so they're not left feeling...unimpressed.

With the LCX framework, you’ll:

This free PDF download will walk you through each step of creating a Luxury Client Experience. I’ve included examples you can start using right away! 

Imagine being able to relax knowing your clients and customers are thoroughly enjoying the experience they're paying you for.

You’ve learned too much. You’ve been through too much. And have too much to offer. It’s time to launch your Luxury Client Experience. 
We’re going to elevate your premium products, services, and events by creating

A Unique 6-Phase Luxury Client Experience

Each phase of the LCX is designed to target key points in the buyer’s experience so that you don’t lose your clients’ trust or damage your well-earned reputation.
Simply put, an LCX is the best way to design, test, and refine a customer or client experience that exceeds expectations.

Origin story

about your consultant

Christiana Datubo-Brown is an expert in human behavior, a full-on nerd, and a customer research consultant.
She’s turned her 10+ years studying what causes humans to act and react to develop the LCX Framework. That way CEOs like you would have a step-by-step guide to turning strangers into loyal clients and clients into raving fans.
This framework is how she landed a $30,000 contract during her first few months in business (and turned that contract into $110,000+ and counting in revenue).
She started CDatubo Consulting to help create more moguls and fewer flailing entrepreneurs. Learn more…
CDatubo | Christiana Datubo-Brown, LCE Program
Luxury Client Experience Free Sample | CDatubo Consulting

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With an LCX you'll be able to...

Package and sell a unique, premium experience that fits your brand

Fill your calendar months in advance and be able to predict your income

Leverage your time and skills so you can grow your business

Keep building an undeniable legacy

Create real results and gain lifelong clients. 

This is true influence.

No more overdelivering until you’re left empty.
No more struggling to deal with difficult clients and angry customers.
Our strategies give you the freedom to do great work and produce bigger and BETTER results.

Create a sustainable business that you control. 

This is true freedom.

No more relying on income that can disappear without warning.
No more worrying sick wondering whether all your hard work will be for nothing.
We’ll show you how to expect revenue months in advance (heyyy, regular income!)

Tap into the potential you've ignored (or didn't realize you had).

This is true manifestation.

No more whether your new hires, clients, or sponsors will stop you from doing your best work.
No more holding back when you know you have more to offer.
Our goal is to help you create a repeatable system that lets you do work you love while you build and scale your online business.

Not sure what service to offer? Start here.

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CDatubo Chief Consultant Christiana Datubo-Brown
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I've worked with CEOs from many industries

After meeting with Christiana I had more focus… she was able to help me monetize my business idea as quickly as possible.
CDatubo Client Judy McCleod
Judy McLeod
What I liked specifically about meeting with her is that she showed me how to get started. I was all over the place and didn't know where to begin. Christiana gave me a great sense of direction...I don't feel that I am alone in this venture.
CDatubo Client Vannetta Bailey-Iddrisu
Vannetta Bailey-Iddrisu, Ed.D.
Christiana was the mirror that I needed to take a close look at myself and see what was wrong.   I really enjoyed the lens that she provided. In addition, her expertise was impressive. She was able to instantly answer any question/problem that I posed.
Rasheedah Abdul-Hakeem
Once you leave the consultation, you feel as though you can conquer the issues that worried you the most. Christiana continues to give ideas to propel you forward once you have implemented the last one she presented to you.  She is always thinking ahead.
Janie Hesseltine
The meeting provided a lot of information about what I was not doing for the business. We discussed goals that would help with getting the business to a better place.
Julia Tucker
Oh my goodness! Where would we be without Christiana? We honestly don’t even want to think about it. We just know how far our business has grown just from her influence over the past year. Christiana is definitely the business coach you want guiding you along the way.
Jason & Tiffany Alexander cdatubo clients
Jason & Tiffany Alexander
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