The 3 Perfect Times to Survey Your Audience

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I’m pretty new to this online game, but there are two things I hear or read people ask over and over again: that’s “when should I use a survey?” and “what should i ask in my surveys?”


Seeing those questions come up all the time is what really got me started on this path that I’m on.


Who am I?


Why I get to write this post

My name is Christiana. I’m the owner of CDatubo and I’m a research strategist and survey expert. I’ve been in school for YEARS learning and teaching about how research people, learn from them, talk to them, and help them. And now I’m using all that knowledge to help you grow your business.


Like I said in a previous post, I’ll be recording videos pretty much every day this month (Nov, 2106) showing you how you can use strategies and tools like surveys to engage with your audience, learn from them, and provide astronomical value to them.


That’s my expertise in a nutshell.


But let’s go back to those two questions I see coming up over and over again. Have you ever found yourself asking: “when should I send out a survey?” or “what questions should I ask in my surveys?”


If you’re answer is YES, you’re in luck because I’m going to answer that first question now and the answer to the second question in a later video because there are 3 perfect times to use a survey in your business and 3 questions you should be asking every member of your audience.


What are those perfect times to use a survey?


There are 3 phases where surveys can do your business good

Notice How each phase mimics the transitions an audience member experiences as they transform from an engaged audience member who’s maybe signed up for your list, to your current client, to a past client.


The first perfect time to survey is during the Before You Sell phase. Like the name suggests, this is the survey that you give your audience members before you make them any paid offers. This survey is the perfect opportunity for you to take the time to get to know your audience, what they need help with, and why they came to you help.


The second perfect time to survey your audience is during the After They Buy phase. This is when you send a survey right after someone clicks the Buy Now button. If you’re giving an in-person service, you can ask attendees these questions before giving your presentation. Using an After They Buy survey can give you really good information about who, out of your entire audience, clicks that Buy Now button. It's taking a deeper dive into knowing your audience. You get to know what transformation they’re after, what their goals/hopes/desires are, and why they chose your product out of all the others out there.


The last perfect opportunity to survey your audience is during the After Their Experience phase. You’ll send this survey out after your client has gotten her completed website, after you’ve had the last coaching call with them, or after they receive your product in the mail. This survey gives your audience the opportunity to rate their experience working with you and lets them know that their opinion, their voice is very important to you. The survey you send After Their Experience also gives you the opportunity to see how well you’re doing and how you can improve in the future.


Let’s summarize

There are 3 perfect times to send out a survey. Before You Sell, After They Buy, and After Their Experience. Can you see how these 3 work seamlessly together to form a perfect feedback loop?


I bet I know what you're thinking. Should I use a survey at all 3 time points? Won’t I tire out my audience with all the surveys?


The simple answer is, no, you don’t need to ask questions during these 3 phases. But keep in mind that you can have a great survey with only 2 questions. In fact, I often advise my clients to keep surveys short and sweet. Limit your surveys to 2-5 questions and never send your survey with more than 10 questions.  


What to do next:

Here's were I give you 1 or 2 action items you can complete today.


1) Pick one perfect time to survey your audience


2) write out 2 or 3 questions you’ll ask them during that phase. Don’t worry about coming up with the right questions, I’ve created a list of my favorite questions for you to have (It’s free!).


Let us know in the comments below what phase you chose and what questions you'll be asking your audience!



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Still scratching your head?

If you still have questions about when to survey your audience, that’s OK. Call me up and we’ll work through it. Just go here where I’m offering a free 30 minute "Get Profitable Feedback" session where we’ll create a customized action plan for how and when you will survey your audience. I’m going to help you banish the uncertainty and kill the confusion that comes with learning from your audience so head over to, fill out the form, and schedule your session. That way we can get you started on the road to clarity.