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The 3 Perfect Times to Survey Your Audience

Prefer text?Keep Scrolling!     I’m pretty new to this online game, but there are two things I hear or read people ask over and over again: that’s “when should I use a survey?” and “what should i ask in my surveys?”   Seeing those questions come up all the time is what really got […]

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Why Your Online Business Needs a Profitable Feedback Loop

    Quick intro: I’m a research strategist and survey expert. I’ve been in school for YEARS learning and teaching about how research people, learn from them, talk to them, and help them. And now I’m using all that knowledge to help you grow your business.   Enough about me.   Over the next month, […]

How flirting will make you a better researcher

3 Ways Flirting with Him This Weekend Will Make You a Better Researcher

Random dude: “You should let me take care of you. I can pay all your bills.” Me: “No thanks, just want to finish pumping my gas.”   MEN. Quick question.   Where do you learn how to flirt?? Inquiring minds want to know, because if you’re going to approach a woman in your torn, paint-splattered […]

The Course Creator's Guide to Creating Superb Surveys

The Course Creator’s Guide to Creating Superb Surveys

Fact:   Surveys aren’t the sexiest blog topic.   Fact:   Surveys should have their own category at the ESPYs; they are the unsung heroes of premium online courses/successful products/ pretty much anything that sells well.   Fact:   If you’re not using surveys for your business [in your courses] you’re like that baby who […]

How to write really sexy survey questions

How to Write a Really Sexy Survey Question

Have you ever stared at your survey and thought… these questions suck…something’s missing?   But you couldn’t fix it because you had no idea what was missing. Just knew it was something.   You’re in luck because I’m here to tell you exactly what that something is: sex appeal.   Survey questions can be sexy?   Yes. […]