Engage. Learn. Provide.

If you’re ready to engage with, learn from, and provide astronomical value to your audience - you’re in the right place.


I help successful small business owners 10x their services and products by teaching them how to use proven research and communication strategies.

After working with me, you'll be able to:

  • Create services, online courses, and other products without pesky guesswork
  • Run ads using words that speak directly to your ideal client
  • Transform your sales pages into conversion machines because you KNOW what benefits your audience are looking for
  • Offer services and products your clients will rave about
  • KNOW what to do next that makes the last launch look like child’s play

Christiana was easy to work with and we appreciated her collaborative approach to designing and completing the program evaluation for our organization. We also appreciated her flexibility in making adjustments to the protocol as necessary. All work was completed in a timely manner and Christiana met every deadline as required. The results of her evaluation provided valuable data for improving the quality of our current programs and planning for future programming. We recommend Christiana highly!

Jamie Sailors, Ph.D. www.aumc.net/ministries/adult

More About Me

(There will be a quiz 🙂 )

About Me

I was an awkward child...incredibly quiet and always watching.

I watched. I listened. I learned.

As I grew up, I became thirstier and thirstier for knowledge.

I mean, I went to school for YEARS specifically to learn how to talk to people. How to learn from them and how to help them [guys. I was a therapist. And I went EVERYWHERE to talk to people… schools, prisons, low income, high income, parents, kids, husbands, wives].

It’s hard for me to understand why other people aren’t the same way.

Especially entrepreneurs.

How is it that you’re not as parched for knowledge as I am? How is it that you only see numbers on a page instead of the stories behind those numbers and the lessons they can teach?

Then it hit me.

It’s not that entrepreneurs don’t care about knowing these things. It’s that they don’t know how to find out the answers.

It’s not that they don’t want to know what the numbers mean, it’s that they don’t speak that language.

I do.

Chris Trivia

  • I was born in Port Harcourt (Nigeria), did a lot of growing up in Corpus Christi (Texas), and I currently live in Atlanta (Georgia)
  • I’m nerdy, clumsy (in the classiest way), and just a little stubborn 😉
  • I’m a Netflix enthusiast
  • I laugh at inappropriate times
  • I love Spanish and Italian, but I’m most fluent in sarcasm
  • I become a ridiculous human being when I’m watching a comic book movie
  • I’m allergic to excuses. And raw carrots
  • I’d rather listen than talk

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