"It’s not about getting rich quick. It’s about designing the life you want by becoming the CEO you were meant to be. "

-Christiana Datubo-Brown

There was a time when the thought of growing my online business made me want to curl up into a ball and stay that way.

If that's you right now...  I get it.  

You dreamt of this business for years. One were you create transformative products that are snatched off your digital shelves, offer services that people can't get enough of, and watch your revenue increase month after month.

But how do you go from creating a website, to selling 1 service, to selling 1 signature product, to speaking at events, to building your own empire?

All you needed was someone to point you in the right direction, to let you know that you're still on track, to give you the steps to finding your success without having to sell your soul.

Off you went, in search of answers.

And, WHOA, did you get answers!

"Don't even think of selling anything before you grow your email list to 100,000 subscribers!" "You have to have Snapchat!" "You have to do the Instagram!" "Wait. You're not on YouTube??! Get on YouTube!" "5 Day Challenges are the way to go!" "Spend 1 Billionty dollars on Facebook Ads!" "No,it’s  Bots. DEFINITELY BOTS!"


But you took a deep breath.

And got started.

You started reading blogs and taking courses. You started using all of the tricks and implementing all the tips one after the other. And because you're a star, you even made some of them work for your business. But after months, and even years, of hustling and struggling to learn each new platform and tool, you're left exhausted with your head spinning and asking why. (Not why about anything in particular… just, "Why??")

But then 1 of 2 things happened:

  1. You started to realize, "I can't see me in my business anymore."
  2. You stepped back and realized you don't know where to go from here.

Because what our coaches and course instructors and mentors don't always say is that the tips and tricks they're sharing… you know, the ones that made them those 6, 7, 8 figures in 4.5 days *coughcough* … are things that worked for them.

Their personality.

Their goals.

Their businesses.

When you have a million voices screaming at you, telling you to do what worked for them and business, it's really hard to filter out what will work for you. Even if you've been in business for years.

That's why I created the One Page Business Map ™. 


The One Page Business Map is the first thing you need to create before re-branding or starting your online business.

One page business map gif


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The OPBM helps you to focus on what matters and not on what's popular.

This incredibly strategic and easy-to-use tool helps you dropkick overwhelm and get you unstuck in 3 ways:


It challenges you to think less about how many dollars you can make and more about how many people you can serve. Putting people first is the best, most sustainable way to grow a business.

Yes, I understand the allure of a bloated bank account.

But it's easier to go from poor to rich than to go from a rotten reputation to a stellar reputation.



It helps you know and accept what stage you are in your business. If you've passed the 5 figure mark or have hit some other startup goals but are still listening to and using beginner strategies, that's a problem. Using beginner strategies when you're advanced is like insisting on driving in a straight line when you know all the fun stops are to the left and right of you.

Like you've probably heard before, "What got you here, won't get you there."



It forces you to focus on selling premium products and services. Because there are enough online businesses selling lackluster products and services that don't even pretend to come close to the promises they made on their sales pages. You know it, I know it, your customers know it.

But with the OPBM you can refocus and refine your offers so that you're offering the best, most unique products and/or services in the industry.

christiana datubo-brown

Building a business is complicated. It's hard. It's confusing.

I'm here to make it easier.

My name is Christiana.

And I started CDatubo Consulting to help create more CEO's and fewer overwhelmed + overworked entrepreneurs.

Think of me as your partner in crime and our first adventure together is the One Page Business Model™. Take a look at it, use it, then let me know what you think over the next two weeks....Was it helpful? Is it missing something? Would you like to know more? learn more...

All my best,

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Overwhelm is not a prerequisite to success.

I want to help you wave goodbye to overwhelm.
Hop off the struggle bus.
And get to the other side!